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Baruch To You:

All believers are and have been since the resurrection of Yahushua Ha Mashiac new or renewed creatures in Him. We are to be living a Ruach (Spirit) led life in Messiah by the power of "The Spirit of The Holy One" (Ruach Ha Kodesh). Together in unity and purpose, Hebrews and Gentiles should be working in concert for the Gospel's sake. Establishing Yahuwah's Kingdom in the earth today as a light to all nations! No division or any such thing to be present but unity in the Ruach Ha Kodesh. Being made one new spiritual habitation. This leads us to ask the question: "What is the Ruach saying to the hearts of His people?" The One New Man is the messenger today! Hebrews and Gentiles in Messiah! The wall of separation is eliminated not by the ordinances (dogma, doctrine) but in Yahushua and His Shalom! One of us cannot live without the other and come to perfection or the fullness of Yahuwah and His purpose! Unity must be attained! The bringing together as our brother Sha'ul or Paul shows us in his letters to the Romans and Ephesians, just to name two can give us the right context and bearing for what this One New Man does in word and deed. Sha'ul is the jarring view of the One New Man! This is why the apostle Peter shared that we all must listen with careful ears when Sha'ul speaks. 2Pe 3 :14

One New Man ! Ephesians 2: 10 - 22 Yahushua  did not change Shaul's name to Paul. Shaul allowed himself to be called Paul among the Romans and gentiles most likely as a cultural appeasement. It is my belief that this is much the same reason Yahushua has allowed us to call Him Iesus, Iesous, Jesus for a time, yet His true name is Yahushua. The late 1st century and 2nd century church in my view went too far in removing the Hebrew names and references when transliterating our recent Scripture versions. I believe this is being rectified today and is a part of honoring the true Hebrew root we have been grafted into. See Romans 11: 17 and Eph 2: 10-22. There are many much more gifted and qualified than I to share the even greater truths about this coming together. So in my small humble part may I point out the called out Nation (Hebrews, Israel) and the called out Nations of strangers (Gentiles) who in these last days are being brought together as a new called out people for the Kingdom of Yahuwah. We are made by the hand of Messiah for good mitzvah's, works, accomplished by, in, and through Him. A Set apart people in Yahuwah Elohim as the light to all Nations of the world! Let us now come together in Messiah and become all He would have us to be, truly tearing down the middle wall of partition in our lives, doctrine and dogma and moving onto perfection in Yahushua our head and leader! Each side has to adopt some parts of the other even if it may be uncomfortable to our flesh and doctrine so as to have the set apart Spirit of Yahuha our Elohim flowing through us in unity of Heart and Purpose! A New Habitation! Let us embrace one another and see the new Tabernacle of David, a spiritual tabernacle arise once again!



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